Our solutions

Telecom and Windmills

is today best known for its designs and solutions for the telecom industry supplying towers for the biggest and most professional customers. Here we have a wide range of different towers in different constructions and heights. We supply state of the art technology within Tubular, Monopole and Angle version towers and have all technical solutions available for different demands of wind stability needs and camouflage needed. On top of this we are patent holders of several different patents within logisticand packaging solutions, telecom towers and towers for windmills, specific solutions for helping the site development of the towers etc.


  • Solar panels for towers
  • Angle towers
  • Tubular towers
  • Monopole towers
  • Camouflaged towers
  • Towers for windmills
  • Service and installation


ATM towers are offering a wide range of high voltage transmission towers and complimentary products, such as e.g. railway power line structures, substation towers etc. Those power transmission towers are manufactures as per custom designs, but we also offer own designed towers including third-party approvals. Contact us for further inquiries, questions, to arrange factory survey etc., so you can have the best idea of the value we can create – also for you

Quality Control

We are ISO9000 certified and produce on top of that complying to our own standards, which in many respects are higher than many of the official certification programs. Quality is the most central key driver for ATM Towers, so we are always optimal aware and on top of quality and processes. Contact us to know more about our production standards and processes, so you can have the best idea of the value we can create – also for you. Our sourcing partners meet high quality standards and we have our own experienced inspectors to ensure that they do.


Professional partners for steel sourcing
Our thorough knowledge of the production of steel products as well as our independence, multi-cultural understanding and demand for CSR ensure that we can choose the sub-supplier that will create the optimal value for your supply chain.

We have an experienced and professional logistics team that can handle your individual requirements for all facets of the logistical process.